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Nutrition Response Testing℠ Services

  • Nutrition Initial Consultation (includes a Nutritional Evaluation, Heart Rate Variability and Report of Findings- 90 minute visit and 60 minute visit): $150
  • Follow-Up visits: $55 (15 minute visit)


  • 12 visit package pricing: $540 ($45 per visit)

Nutrition Response Testing℠ for Kids (16 and under)*

  • Nutrition Initial Consultation (includes a Nutritional Evaluation and Report of Findings- 60 minute visit)- $90

Follow-Up Visits:

  • $35/visit when one parent is on a nutritional program.
  • $29/visit for kids with families with 2 or more children on a nutritional program.
  • At least one parent must be on a nutritional program in order for a child to partake. One child is free when both parents are on a program.

Acupuncture services for Nutrition/NRT Patients:

  • Follow-up Visits- $65 (60 minute session)

Acupuncture/Acupressure/Laser Services (12 and under):

  • Follow-up Visits- $55 (30 minute session)

Acupuncture services only
(non-NRT patients- includes children, adults & seniors):

  • Initial Consultation- $130 (90 minute visit- includes Health History consult, AcuGraph Analysis, an acupuncture treatment and a Report of Findings)
  • Follow-up Visits- $75 (60 minute session)
  • 6 visit package pricing: $420 ($70 per visit)
  • 12 visit package pricing: $780 ($65 per visit)

Cupping Services Only

  • Cupping (glass) session only (cupping services are available within an acupuncture session by request): $50 (30 minute session)

AcuGraph Analysis Health Analysis 

($50- 30 minute session)- This analysis helps us better understand the underlying cause of your health conditions, which helps us solve your problems quicker. This initial graph will indicate where there are existing imbalances in your body and you will be provided with a 5-page summary explaining these clearly.

*The AcuGraph Analysis is included in the Acupuncture Initial Consult