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BioPuncture Injection Therapy

BioPuncture is a cutting edge procedure

BioPuncture has been practiced in China since the 1940’s, however has only been practiced in the U.S. for about 20 years. It is a safe and effective alternative to costly medical procedures and surgeries.

BioPuncture works by inserting a small syringe containing a liquid remedy- commonly a homeopathic, herbal and or vitamin- into one or more areas of the body.

There a several different approaches:

-AcuPoint Injection- insertion of a liquid or combination of remedies into acupuncture points identified along the meridians of the body. This enhances the therapeutic effect of the acupuncture point itself.

-Trigger Point Injection- insertion of a liquid or combination of remedies into trigger points identified through palpation of muscles.

-Local Point Injection- insertion of a liquid or combination of remedies into specific points based on anatomical structures throughout the body or specific goals. For example, to aid in lymph drainage a series of points over major lymph ducts may be used. For wrinkle reduction injections in and around fine lines may be administered. Injections in and around skin scars or keloids can dramatically reduce the appearance and discomfort of the scar.

BioPuncture is safe and effective

The most commonly injected substances in BioPuncture are low dose homeopathic formulations, FDA approved products for reducing pain, enhancing weight loss, improving skin elasticity and much more.

Injections are usually given at the site of injury or pain, just under the skin or into muscle tissue.   Depending on the nature of the condition, you may need a series of injections.  Acute injuries/conditions will typically require less treatment.  Some minor and local irritation may persist following the treatment but is actually considered a beneficial part of the healing process.

To learn more about this therapy review this short video from an episode of Dr. Oz.