How to Make Lasting Changes to Your Body The Right Way

POSTED BY Erika Schultz, Denver Acupuncturist, Nutritionist | Jan, 18, 2018 |

We have officially entered the new year! This is the prime time to set goals for a refreshing new start, whether it be to lose weight, start working out again, to cook more often, etc. Whatever it may be, if you have new goals on your radar, you are doing something right!

Our bodies know how to detox on there own

You’ve probably noticed the media’s infatuation during this time of year with cleanses and detoxes to reset our systems, get rid of toxins, and help us lose weight. While some might not be so horrible and  may even help encourage people jump start a healthier lifestyle, they are not intended to be long-term for weight loss or detox, and in some cases can even be dangerous. We want to educate you on the best ways to cleanse your body long-term. No one wants to starve themselves for days at a time, so don’t get fooled by the common misconceptions of doing short-term cleanses and detoxes!

The good news is that humans are a pretty amazing species and our body’s already do a really great job of flushing out toxins on its own. Our complex systems including our liver, lungs, kidneys, bowels, skin, etc. work every minute of every day to help us detoxify. By decreasing toxins and eating a clean, unprocessed diet, we can avoid all of the strenuous work that our bodies are doing to cleanse us. We often like to over indulge on the next big thing that we hear is good for us, yet we neglect the fact that too much of anything can be dangerous, even water! Margaret MacIntosh, doctor of traditional Chinese medicine refers to the turmeric cleanse: “While turmeric is good in small doses, larger doses can cause symptoms such as increased anxiety or sleeping difficulties.”

What’s wrong with short-term cleanses?

What keeps us hooked is when we see how fast people can lose weight on certain detoxes and cleanses, when what’s really happening is the body is being starved of the fuel it needs. It is lacking in protein, fatty acids and other essential nutrients that it needs to function properly. This can disrupt the natural intestinal flora and microorganisms that are needed for normal digestive functions. There are also claims that detox diets or cleanses can eliminate all toxins from your body in just a short period of time. According to Alive By Nature, “Most detox diets don’t disclose specific toxins that they’re able to remove, and there isn’t much evidence that shows they’re capable of eliminating toxins. The human body is very efficient at using sweat, urine and feces to remove toxins all by itself”.

So, what is the most effective way to really cleanse your body and feel your best?

We believe that by gradually adopting healthier habits, cleaning up your diet, taking the right nutritional supplements, and finding out what may be causing your body to hold on to excess toxins or weight in the first place is the best way to keep your body cleansed long-term. Nutrition Response Testing  is a great way to pin-point the areas of the body under stress and correct any underlying imbalances or deficiencies that are causing the organ/area to be under stress. This is not a one size fits all method, rather it is a personalized approach that makes lasting changes in your body over a longer period of time. Once the body has been restored to normal functioning, there are no longer any roadblocks to its detoxifying organs.

In many cases, there are nutrients that we are simply not getting or assimilating in our diets. Theses deficiencies are often due to either past personal eating habits/ routines and poor food quality. Designed Clinical Nutrition works to correct the cause of the problem so that the body can regain the ability to correct itself, and therefore naturally eliminate toxins on its own that may be causing weight gain. Find out what your body needs in order to heal, and make an appointment with us today!

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