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Prior to starting the program,  I was exhausted when I would wake up; I could not get out of bed until the third alarm.  After working through brain fog all morning, I would be ready for bed by early afternoon.  My life was trying to survive between naps.  Now, I had my first week of waking up by the first alarm and at mid afternoon I was ready for a hike! My mind is clear and alert.  I feel like I can start my life again!! 

In the past, I was tired, sluggish and poor sleep.  I was bloated and I was not losing weight. I suffered from OCD, lack of emotional regulation with crying spells, anxiety and impulsiveness.  I tried all sorts of things… everything under the sun, including medication. Now,I am not bloated, have lost 10 pounds, and have better sleep and more have more energy.  I am not bloated and I have somewhat better impulse control. People say I am more even emotionally. I don’t drink too much and take less medication.

Prior, I was tired and forgetful and having a flare of my ulcerative colitis. Now, I am doing great! Memory is better, I am performing better at work. I am running 2 minutes per mile faster with energy to spare 

I was totally addicted to bread and all carbs. I never dreamed I could give them up.  Being allowed to eat bacon and butter has kept me so satisfied that I no longer buy bread and can pass by the leftover chocolate with no problem!

In the past I had poor digestion, poor sleep, high anxiety, depression, and low energy.  Now, my sleep has improved; I don’t wake up as much.  Digestion seems to be becoming more consistent.  My energy is higher and my depression has decreased. 

Before I started my program, my health was so-so. I had unknown “attacks” at unexpected times, heartburn so bad I can barely drink or eat anything.  I was consuming a lot of sugar.  Sugar sugar sugar, all day everyday.  Also, I have super high anxiety all the time.  Now, I am much better! I sleep uninterrupted, my sugar cravings are way down and my anxiety levels are low.  Also, no heartburn! 

I used to suffer when I woke up in the morning. It took me awhile to get out of bed knowing how sore my joints would be. My mental clarity was not very good and I had trouble focusing.  I also suffered from diarrhea and an overactive bladder.  Now I am waking up early and feeling less pain.  I am able to focus more on daily tasks and conversations with others.  My overactive bladder is not such an inconvenience anymore and my bowel movements are more regular.  I have not had that in quite some time.

When I first came in to see Erika, I was dealing with intermittent ear ringing, itchy skin and general moodiness.  I was feeling “off”.  Now, I feel much better: skin in much less itchy, no more ear ringing, and my moodiness/PMS is much better.   Overall, I feel great! 

I had no energy, was tired all the time.  I had joint pains and headaches.  I had put on a lot of weight and didn’t know how to balance my diet or what was causing my symptoms. Now, I feel great and I have a lot of energy.  I have no more joint pain, headaches or hair loss.  Since the beginning of this program I have lost 10 pounds and I am still losing.  I know what to eat and how much and feel much more educated about food.  Overall it has been a great experience and I have not felt this way in years!

My past strokes led to me having seizures every night, leading to debilitating pain to where some days I couldn’t even get out of bed. My life began to fall apart. I was having mood swings, I couldn’t control my emotions, be a proactive mom or wife, and subsequently went into depression mode. This trickling effect made it to where I almost lost everything.  Now, I feel like I have gained control of my health!  No more seizures, less pain, and stabilized moods!

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