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Food Allergy/Food Sensitivity Testing

Food Allergies/Food Sensitivity Testing

Food allergies and/or sensitivities can be difficult to detect and even more challenging to understand. Most well-intentioned practitioners are utilizing laboratory testing in conjunction with elimination diets to help patients identify which foods they need to avoid. This can be laborious and time consuming and often leaves patients frustrated by the lack of options they have to eat in their diet.

In our office, utilizing Nutrition Response Testing℠ procedures, we can easily identify which foods are most important for you to be avoiding and address underlying causes to food sensitivities/allergies which are often left unaddressed by elimination diets alone.

For patients who wish to understand what their blood-work shows as well, we partner with Cyrex Labs to conduct laboratory testing for allergy testing, but often find these tests are unnecessary with the in-depth clinical findings we identify with Nutrition Response Testing℠,