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Cleansing & Detoxification

Paramount Wellness’s Cleansing and Detoxification system is a 21-day purification program using Standard Process’s products. The program helps patients purify, nourish, and maintain a healthy body and weight. All products are gluten free, vegan and guaranteed fresh.

Price: $279

cleansing & detoxification

  • The Cleansing and Detoxification kit includes:
  • SP Cleanse supplement that supports the body’s internal waste-removal systems to encourage healthy kidney and bowel function
  • SP Complete that mixes with water and fruit or vegetables to make a nutritious supplement shake
  • SP Green Food supplement that supplies brussel sprouts and kale which help cleanse the liver and encourage efficient cellular debris removal
  • Whole Food Fiber supplement
  • Purification guide
  • Shake recipes
  • Online support throughout cleanse

For a little over $13 per day you can eat while cleansing your body. Check out the Program Guide to learn the ins and outs of the three week cleanse- and remember, this is not about getting it perfect, but getting it going. For extra support a FREE 25-minute Nutritional Coaching Session (valued at $65) is included with your purchase.*

Program Guide

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*You will be contacted once you have made your purchase to schedule your free Nutritional Coaching session.

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