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I lived with pain at an 8-10 level in my lower back that was painful when both walking and sitting. My shoulder had limited range of motion. My 8-10 pain level is now at a 2-3.  I can walk without much discomfort, especially up stairs and hills.  My shoulder is stronger with improved range of motion. 

Erika is a highly intuitive acupuncturist who also has a wealth of training and knowledge. I have visited numerous acupuncturists for my personal healing process, and my experience with Erika was that she honed right into the source of my problem and helped the energy to be released and dissipate.

Erika is a fantastic practitioner that takes a holistic approach to your overall health. She uses a focused, instinctive technique, that, in my experience, is unmatched.This, in combination with her knowledge about nutrition, will put you on the path to wellness. Erika radiates an energy that is healing and encouraging, and my overall experience was better than getting a massage!

My leg ached from hip to shins. It was difficult to keep walking. When I walked my gait was off and in constant pain. Sleeping was difficult because of the pain in my legs. It was hard to find a comfortable position. The constant pain made me irritable.

The pain in my legs has subsided to almost nothing. By the end of the day the pain will be in 2 maybe 3 spots but does not radiate down the leg. Walking is much easier and doing 2-3 miles is comfortable. Sleeping is easier to fall and stay asleep. I am not in constant pain anymore which improves my attitude.

I started seeing Erika for acupuncture for back and hip issues which I've had chronically for 8 months, it has helped  alleviate pain and has gotten me great results! But I also noticed I was struggling around that time with recovery, physical and mentally from training 4-5 times a week, stress from working a full time job and just the normal things from everyday life. I found acupuncture helped and helps me tremendously in my recovery in both aspects and I've become hooked. Acupuncture has become a great routine to help me live a more comfortable & relaxed lifestyle. I HIGHLY recommend seeing Erika for the experience!!

I had numerous places where arthritis was giving me chronic pain. At times there were flare ups of even higher pain. I had upper respiratory congestion every night. Now, my lower back is in less pain, my knees are in no pain, and my shoulder pain is not nearly as intense- and the congestion is less frequent.

My blood pressure was up, I had varicose veins that were very painful and my sleep was very poor. Thank you, Erika, I am so happy I met you- you are the best- because now my blood pressure is good, the veins look so much better, the pain is gone and my sleeping is so much better. All systems are excellent. Thank you.

I had a numbness in my leg for years and my physician said there was not anything that could be done for it. I also had trouble sleeping and would be up every few hours to use the bathroom. I was constantly tired and had no energy. I also had lower back problems and even used a cane to get up and walk sometimes.

Acupuncture has significantly reduced all of my symptoms. The numbness in my leg is gone. I get a good nights rest and average 7-8 hours of sleep and I only get up once to use the bathroom now and it is usually early in the morning. My energy has increased significantly and I no longer need to take a nap. I do not use a cane anymore and can walk several hours with no discomfort. I am very grateful for how acupuncture has improved my life. I would certainly recommend it. Dr. Erika is very sweet and knowledgeable and certainly puts you at ease and answers any questions you have.

My foot was in pain all of the time. Even while sitting or laying down. Walking was painful, but dancing was sometimes unbearable (and this is my profession). There was sometimes a shooting, throbbing pain, but always pain.

(Just a few weeks into treatment) and I am now sometimes pain free. It hurts when I am dancing sometimes but now I can even walk without pain. I am feeling better, more energy and more productive. The pain I do have is bearable compared to what it was.